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Thermide® is a material that can be used for the emission of both heat (far-infrared, middle infrared or near infrared) and negative ions (anions).

Therm = Heat
Ide = is An anion or a negatively charged atom/group of atoms.
The applications for Thermide are extraordinarily broad but it's most common use is in medical devices for relief from various forms of pain and swelling. It is typically used in combination with heat therapy for dilating capillaries, increasing blood­circulation, oxygen ­flow and accelerating nutrient delivery to localized areas. Many products which include Thermide can be used in medical devices for not only rapid duration heat (including FIR and NIF) therapy but rapid duration cold therapy as well. Thermide, as of recent, is also being  utilized in rubberized items, such as shoe insoles, compresses, support wraps and many other items.

Products which are produced for medical purposes which include Thermide are 3rd party verified and laboratory tested for delivery of far infrared at low temperature (human body temperature (38-40C).  These products are typically FDA registered.

If you have specific questions about how/when to use heat therapy, cold therapy or ANY other type of therapy, it is recommended that you consult your physician. This website is not meant to assist the viewer in diagnosing, treating or curing. Its purpose is to provide a platform for research  and education.

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